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Web designing
Web designing is the key specialty in my experience. I design customized website meeting all your basic and extreme needs in design. I provide you high quality web designing services at very cheaper rates. I design web pages in a very elegant way with fast loading pages and attractive look, so as to attract your visitors and make them visit your website again and again. A satisfied design is assured to you. .
I have designed and created more than 150 websites for many clients. My creativity and prior experience helps me to design the website professionally, highlighting your corporate image. I assure high traffic Internet homepages with striking visuals, customized and optimized content, and adequate user interface details.
I construct a site by
Analyzing your business
Analyzing your needs
Plan a appropriate web design
Implementing the plan
Final optimization
Analyzing your business and your needs before designing your site helps me to design your site in the best way to match your requirements. These steps help me to improve your site by increasing the site visibility with striking effects. Therefore I bring in accessibility and usability to your site.
I can design you a perfect web design, whatever your type of business may be and whatever level your business may be. I design a smart website design for your company or business.
My creativity and knowledge run in designing and developing
Visually Striking Web Designs
Dynamic Logos and Web Graphics
Flash Intros, Stories, Movies and Interactive Games
Brochures, Flyers, Catalogs and PowerPoint presentations
Promotional and Marketing Material
Your customer must be attracted by your site to enter into your business arena, so a good web design does you that job and makes you feel relaxed. I design you a perfect website which promotes your business and brand, and differentiate you from your competitors.
Feel free to contact me for any of your queries relating to web design.
Web Development
Merely designing a website is not the end of the of the website creation. I develop customized web development business application. I believe that websites attain the aesthetic view when the proper web development is incorporated with the design. I help you to reinforce your corporate brand in the business world by providing value-added web development functionality to your online customer-oriented business processes. Function and functionality is the primary base to the website formed by proper web development.
I bring in a great deal of control over web development and the content of your websites for your business. In my web development process, I keep in mind your business level and your target audience. As a part of my web development, I can develop you database-driven catalog displays, content management, databases, and full e-commerce websites with payment processing and backend integration to offline inventory and accounting packages.
In my web development process, I customize all the tools and technologies that are required to build your websites. From web development features such as product updates, product cataloging, to extensive reports of website traffic, I customize all your needs. I develop your site with the specialized tools and help to run your website successfully.
In addition to the basic layout and graphics, I can handle user registration at the website, integration to a payment gateway, member log-in, shopping cart, separate admin area to manage products and contents, newsletters and etc.
I use ASP, PHP, PERL and and MySQL to develop your website.
You can choose me for
Development of small to medium level sites and portals
Custom web programming (databases, e-commerce, online shopping, user identification systems, etc)
Graphic User Interface Design
Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Customer (B2C)
Os Commerce
Online Database
Portal Development
E-commerce solution
Online Media (Audio, Video)
You can do this
Want to sell your products online? Looking out for a best person to design and develop your e-Commerce site for your business. I can assist you in setting up shopping cart solution on your web server that will allow you to easily add products and manage inventory.
An e-Commerce site has become an important part in the business arena. A well designed and developed e-Commerce site helps you to sell your product or service directly to the customers. I provide you state-of-the-art shopping cart and e-Commerce solution at an affordable price, highly customizable and rich with features that can be incorporated into your website.
Customized e-Commerce Solutions
If you are looking for the best e-Commerce solution for the improvement of your current business and to start a new business I can help you to give shape to your internet business and assist you to open your wings in your business arena.
I am specialized in designing and developing customized e-commerce site and pave way for your visitors to experience the look, feel and the total functionality of the site.
Custom Build e-Commerce Development
I have an in-depth knowledge in developing the e-commerce site. I build in highly scalable e-business solutions, aiming at your business growth and helping you to realize the fullest potential on- and off-line business. I have a good knowledge of PHP, ASP and JSP based development, and MYSQL, MSSQL and Oracle.
I assure you to deliver high-quality, cost-effective PHP, MYSQL based web development, JSP based e-Business Solutions and Application Solutions in ASP and .net platforms since 1999. I analyze your business to the core to need find your customers need and your role to full fill it. I select the appropriate tool and technology like PHP, MYSQL based development, etc depending up on the look of your site.
Customized Design Template
Advanced Web Based Administration
Shopping Cart Solution
Shipping Configuration
Payment Functionality
Customer Management
My Methodology and Philosophy in e-Business Solutions
Detailed analysis and case study of the target audience
Develop a seamless process and functionality for your online e-Business solutions
Ensure easy manageability and administration of the website
Provide excellent user-friendly e-Business site
You don't need to spend dollars for your e-Commerce solution. I can set up a best solution for your business for $1500. I can even redesign your existing website to enhance your business revenue
I Have Developed
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Flash Development
I have been working with Macromedia Flash from the rudiment of my profession. I have an in-depth knowledge in the advantages, complications, and effective working of the Macromedia Flash. This has helped me to offer the best-in-breed presentation to my global clients I believe that my experience and knowledge severs as a tool to apply various techniques in the multimedia presentation.
Visitors of the Internet are mostly attracted by the effective flash presentation. Macromedia Flash is the most versatile media tool in designing and developing flash presentation. I am well versed in designing the professional multimedia presentation. I can develop you unbelievable and exotic presentation, which can increase your site traffic. I present you simple, lively and interactive multimedia presentation.
In the current business scenario you need to have an interactive design and multimedia presentation to attract their customers and increase their business in a large level. I develop a presentation, which can surely enhance your business look and make you recognizable in your business field.
Your potential customers tend to spend lesser and lesser time on each website, because they only browse and doesn’t read the content. So it is necessary to grab the attention of the customers towards your product. I can design you promising presentation with a guarantee to attract the visitors and helping you to make quick business. Once you've got your customer got into your product, then it is easy for you to make them understand your business.
Flash websites
Flash website intros
Flash web banners
PowerPoint to Flash conversion
Flash movies
Flash animations
Flash interactive elements
Flash shopping sites
Flash product catalogs
Conversion of streaming audio/video to Flash
Flash e-learning tutorials
My flash presentation portfolio will prove my talents.
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SEO Development
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process getting your site a higher rank in the search engine listing. This optimization is done so as to increase the site traffic and increase the number of visitors to your website. A customized SEO increases the website's exposure across all major search engines.
I help you to optimize your site in a better way keeping the search engine in mind. The best SEO not only ensures that your site becomes better accessibility to the search engine but also improves the visibility and chances that the site will be found by the search engine. My years of experience in offering SEO enables me to optimize your webpage of your website more accessible to search engines spiders and can easily indexed by the search engines.
My search engine optimization process
Search engines play a vital role in the current Internet arena to meet the targeted and valuable audience than traditional advertising methods. I do the best optimization for your website and bring in high search engine ranking cost-effectively for your business. Therefore I make your website the best in this area and increase number of targeted visitors from the search engines and other websites.
Selection of keywords
Optimizing Keywords
Optimizing Meta Tags
No Spamming
Few examples of my search engine optimized site
Thus my SEO is well supported by persistent and comprehensive monitoring and analysis of your website. To make your site ranking higher and to maintain it, I remain watchful and continue to perk up and optimize your site in a best way. I take care of all type of broken links, broken images, orphan files and images in your site. I provide the best SEO solution, which will enhance your site image, business and your invested amount.
Send in your questions about SEO to
Selection of keywords
Keyword is an important part of the SEO process. Choosing the best keywords that fits your business is an important work in the process. I first analyze your site and your business to group in the required keywords.
Optimizing for the Correct Keywords
Selection of keywords does not help in any way. The keywords are best optimized and I do it to the best of my ability. I optimize the keywords such that it optimizes your site and increase the visibility of your site to the search engines. Since the keywords are important to hit your target, choosing the right keywords is essential. If the keywords are not optimized effectively your site is not found in the search engines listing?
I take care when selecting your site and also when optimizing your site. I take into account of only the specific keyword phrases and not the general keywords. Since there is an extreme competition in the search engines, your keyword phrases have to be too specific and too general thereby helps your site to rank well in the search engines. With specific keyword phrases I help you to stand far better than the others in your field and help you to meet your competitors.
This example of selling shoes helps you to understand
Imported shoes
Men’s shoes
Men’s formal shoes
Women’s shoes
Women’s causal shoes
Thus I develop a list of keywords and keyword phrases for each page and optimize it for the search engines.
Optimizing Your Meta Tags
Meta Tags are the next important organ of this SEO process. They are developed to help search engines to find out keywords and analyze the content of your site. For example, you can place the related keywords or a description of the page itself in the Meta Tags.
It is believed that good Meta tags help us to achieve good listings in the search engines, which is entirely incorrect. Meta Tags are a part of the web page. Proper optimization of Meta tags pave way for the best optimization solution. I don’t spam your website with improper optimization of your Meta tags.
Search engines have enhanced their way of searching the site. Therefore I have updated myself with the latest optimization technique of the Meta tags without spamming the search engines. The site is optimized with two Meta tags that help your search engine in listings - Meta keywords and Meta description.
Your Meta tags look like this
Keywords Meta
META NAME="keywords" content="keywords phrase 1, keyword phrase 2, keyword phrase 3, etc."
Do not#8756A5
Use Meaningless Keywords
Repeated Keywords
Too Many Graphics
Hidden Text or Links
Duplicate Pages
Multiple Pop-up Windows
Multiple Submission to search engines at a time
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